AGC are pleased to offer a full golf course maintenance service following construction for the benefit, peace of mind and value for the owner. This service ensures that the major investment that has been made in constructing a golf course is maintained correctly, thereby increasing the lifespan of the facility and increasing the opportunity of returns on the investment by fee players and membership.


AGC understands the importance of the condition of the golf course to the profitability and function of a golf course and for that reason we strive to ensure that we provide the best maintenance service possible for the available budget of a facility.  The management fee charged is easily replenished by the owner through increased income from the quality maintenance of the facility, the decrease in prices paid for products due to our ability to purchase in bulk and our connections and standing in the industry, and the use of best management practices in all aspects of the maintenance procedure including fuel and stock tracking, effective training programs, irrigation and application scheduling.


Services provided include:

Routine Maintenance

Asian Golf Construction will provide the staff and equipment to carry out the routine maintenance of the course. Existing course staff can be integrated into the maintenance crew as appropriate.

In the development of the Maintenance Plan,Asian Golf Construction will also take into account peak playing times and the flow of traffic through the course to minimize the impact of course maintenance and to enable maximum usage.

Specialized Problem Solving

Asian Golf Construction team of Asian based experts is available to analyze specific course and maintenance problems and develop an action plan to allow staff to respond to those problems. This may include, for example, the diagnosis and treatment of a specific grass disease requiring specialized treatment.


Uniform and efficient irrigation is essential for the maintenance of turf vigor. Improved economy of water usage provides cost savings while effective maintenance means facility upgrades are required only when necessary.


Vital in Asian climates that experience high amounts of rainfall,Asian Golf Construction can advise clients on drainage pattern, size and spacing and in related areas such as disposal of excess water.

Plant & Equipment

Asian Golf Construction can implement a strategic maintenance and replacement plan of all plant and equipment. Clients benefit from economies of scale and rationalization of plant and equipment

Supply Chain Management

Asian Golf Construction help clients increase their buying power by consolidating purchases and with our detailed supplier audits.Cost savings can be achieved through our extensive knowledge of the Asian region and our relationships with independent suppliers of

  • Soil, sand, and landscape supplies
  • Fertilizer
  • Weed control supplies
  • Plant and equipment
  • Water
  • Electricity