Asian Golf Construction provide an unrivalled consultancy service for the golf course and sports turf maintenance industry. Being independent of any distributors or suppliers, we are able to offer the correct advice and recommendations at all times, and do not promote products purely for self-benefit.

Asian Golf Construction can provide a consultancy service and maintenance program for any budget, allowing many small to mid-size golf and sports facilities to have access to the knowledge and support that they require to improve and solidify their position in the entertainment market. Such a service can be provided on a weekly, monthly or occasional basis, depending upon the scope of work, the expectations of the facility and the budget available.

The aim of Asian Golf Construction whilst consulting is to provide sufficient training of management and staff, agronomically correct maintenance programs and technical information that results in, over a period of time, that the consultancy service required by a facility can be reduced, and finally removed altogether. Unlike some other consultancy services that seem to try to “hostage” a facility or organisation into using its service by failing to train or educate staff, we aim to provide all the know-how, information and training required for the existing or local staff to be able to professionally maintain a facility, so that eventually our consultancy service is no longer required.

Asian Golf Construction has a developed and proven training program that provides the knowledge and skills required for a full range of turf management and maintenance procedures and a unique course rating system that allows a facility to graphically and numerically determine its current condition. Through-out the consultancy process we work as one with the management and staff of a facility with the desired end result, being pristine playing conditions at a reasonable price.